• Picking the Right Wedding Glasses for Your Signature Cocktail

    The wedding rentals in Baltimore that you need for your big day may include wedding glasses, serving platters, and table linens. If you and your partner want to be creative with your festivities and design a signature wedding cocktail, you need to decide on the right type of glassware to drink from. Different kinds of drinks are meant to be drunk from different kinds of glassware. You probably wouldn’t drink whiskey from a wine glass or a fine ale out of a shot glass, so you should know how to pair your cocktail and your glass. Keep reading for tips on picking the right glasses.

    Everybody’s looking forward to watching you and the love of your life tie the knot for good, but everyone is also looking forward to cocktail hour. A signature cocktail is a creative way to make everyone feel like they’re part of the wedding, but don’t forget to consider the type of glass you’ll be serving it in. Highballs, or drinks like Jack and Coke or Scotch and soda, are served in tall, relatively narrow glasses. Flutes let you hold your drink by the stem, so your hand doesn’t warm it up, and coupes are the go-to choice for champagne.

  • Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Colors

    Your wedding ceremony should follow some sort of overall theme, which means your wedding rentals in should all match. Before you order your glassware and serving platters, pick a few colors that you’d like to use as the foundation of your wedding design . Think about the venue and the physical location of the reception and consider orienting your wedding colors towards the natural landscape. You can also simply choose to work with your favorite colors, since it’s your big day and it should be just how you’ve always pictured it. Here are some things to consider when choosing your wedding colors.

    Think About the Setting

    Weddings are expensive, but wedding rentals can help you save a significant amount of money. When you’re deciding which wedding rentals you want for your big day, color will be an important factor to think about. Your wedding can look however you want it to, but it’s a good idea to think about what the location itself looks like. Look at the scenery and the landscaping, and determine what colors will best complement the surroundings. An outdoor summer wedding and an indoor winter wedding might incorporate completely different colors, so keep this in mind when looking for your wedding rentals.

    Go with Your Favorites

    Your whole wedding theme should represent a combination of your and your partner’s personalities. If you’re not so concerned with where and when the event is being held in terms of the colors you choose, then you can always go with each of your favorite colors for your signature wedding colors. Even if you and your fiancé have completely different favorite colors, with the right accents you can incorporate both.

    Break the Rules

    At the end of the day, your wedding should go the way you want it to. Looking at the latest trends can give you some ideas and inspiration, but the only wedding decoration rules you must follow are the ones that you set for yourself. You might want two main colors in your design scheme, or you might want different color schemes in each room.

  • Picking Accessories for Your Wedding Reception

    When you’re planning your wedding reception, the table linens, china, and flatware naturally have a big impact on the scene you’re setting, but it’s the accessories that really take your event to the next level. Be sure to get all of the finishing touches from your party rental company in Washington, DC to make your reception everything you’ve dreamed of.

    One of the most important accessories for any wedding reception has to be a dance floor. Having an actual dance floor designates a specific area for guests who wish to dance—and those who don’t—and it makes it safer for everyone. Dessert stands allow you to spread sweet treats throughout the reception, so that guests can enjoy them as they mingle. Consider specialty seating options, like bar stools, to create seating areas around your venue, so guests find it easy to spend time together. Coffee service is a nice finishing touch to give guests a pick-me-up after their meals.

  • Must-Have Rentals for Your Office Holiday Party

    The office holiday party is a can’t-miss event on every company’s calendar. Party rentals can help you make the most of yours. If you’re in charge of planning the party, here is a look at some of the rental equipment you should consider for your Baltimore event.

    Tables and Chairs

    Naturally, you will need places for people to sit and relax at your event. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional round table and chairs set-up. Mix in some alternative kinds of seating and different types of tables so that people can mingle in different groups. If you plan to have a sit-down meal, you will need to have at least one chair at a table for each person, but if you plan to have stations, setting up a variety of seating areas can be a great way to encourage people to socialize. Don’t forget table linens, in seasonal colors or your company’s colors.

    Dance Floor

    Is it a holiday party without dancing? Adding a dance floor to your party rental list has a lot of benefits. Having a clearly dedicated area for dancing may encourage people to get out on the floor. For people who wish not to take part, confining the dancing to a specific area gives them plenty of space to still enjoy the party. Renting a dance floor can also help to prevent spilled drinks and other collisions that can occur when there isn’t a specific area for dancing.

    Serving Dishes

    A variety of serving dishes makes it easier to have food at different locations throughout your event. Consider renting some dessert trays so that there are treats spread across the venue, and different types of bowls and platters to serve up different dishes. If you are having a sit-down meal, you will also need the appropriate plates and flatware for the meal. The bar for the party will also need the rights kinds of glasses for the drinks you’re serving, from wine to cocktails to sodas.