• Family Reunion Planning Tips

    A family reunion is a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones. This video will provide you with important tips and information to keep in mind when you are planning your family reunion . To plan a family reunion, you will need to start by creating a list of your family members, including your extended family. After you have obtained your family members’ contact information, you can reach out to determine the best time and place for your event. Additionally, you will also want to plan and reserve party rentals serving Washington D.C.

    When you are getting ready for a big family reunion, let your party rental company provide you with all the necessary equipment. When you schedule a flatware and table rental for your event, you can rest assured that your family reunion will be a total success.

  • Quick Tips for Planning a Perfect Back-to-School Party

    As the summer season winds down, you and your kids will be getting ready for the start of the school year. To start the new semester off with a bang, consider hosting a back-to-school party in your backyard. A company that offers party rentals serving Baltimore can provide you with table rental, China, and other rental items for your get-together. By renting party equipment, you can easily host a large group from your child’s school. Read on for an overview of some quick tips that will help you plan the perfect back-to-school party. Tips to Plan a Perfect Back-to-School Party

    Send Out Invitations in Advance

    The end of the summer can be a busy time for many families. If you are thinking about hosting a back-to-school party, you will want to send out your party invitations well in advance. By providing your guests with at least a month’s notice for your big party, you can make sure that you have plenty of attendees on your child’s big day.

    Create a Kid-Friendly Menu

    Your back-to-school party should offer menu items that cater to both children and adults. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of preparing food for a large group of people, consider hiring a team of caterers for your event. A catering company can create a delicious and festive menu that includes items that will appeal to people of all ages.

    Rent Party Equipment

    To save time and energy during your back-to-school party, consider renting your party equipment from a rental company that serves your local area. If you will be hosting your party in your backyard, you can rent a party tent, tables, chairs, and any other items that you will need for your big day. To celebrate the beginning of the school year, you can also consider renting party games and other festive items. By renting your party equipment instead of buying it, you can reduce your stress and save money on your party expenses.

  • Foolproof Wine Pairings

    When you are planning your upcoming wedding, you will need to make sure that you have the perfect wines to celebrate your big day. By offering a few different varieties of wine, it will be possible to ensure that your drinks pair perfectly with each item on your catering menu. For example, if you will be serving fish at your wedding reception, consider pairing your dinner with a light white wine. Heartier meats, such as pork or beef, pair nicely with bold red wines. No matter what type of wine you intend to serve at your wedding, a company that offers party rentals serving Baltimore can provide you with the correct glassware.

    After you have picked out wine pairings for your wedding dinner, you will be ready to pick out glassware from your party rental company. Along with table linens and other items, wedding rental companies also offer elegant glassware that will complement the flavor and bouquet of your white, red, and sparkling wines.

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  • Can Fido Help You Say, “I Do?”

    If your dog is a beloved member of your family, you may want to consider including him in your upcoming wedding. Hosting a pet-friendly wedding will add a unique flair to your special day. A company that offers wedding rentals in Annapolis will be able to help you choose the right pieces for your pet-friendly ceremony and reception. From table rental to glassware and more, your rental company will offer all the elements that you need for your big day. To help you get started on the wedding planning process, here are some tips for planning a pet-friendly wedding: A Bride with her pet dog

    Take Photos With Your Dog

    When you are planning your engagement or save-the-date photo shoot, you may want to include your dog in the pictures. An experienced wedding photographer will be able to take fun and charming pictures that include you, your spouse-to-be, and your pets while fitting your chosen theme. Having a dog in your save-the-date photos will allow you to create a beautiful image that provides you with wonderful memories for a lifetime.

    Include Fido in Your Wedding Party

    Depending on the demeanor of your dog, you may want to include him or her in your wedding party. A well-trained dog can even walk with you down the aisle. If you will be including your dog in your wedding party, you may want to practice before your big day. With a bit of training, you can rest assured that your canine companion will be able to keep your company at the altar, without causing a mishap.

    Incorporate Pet-Friendly Wedding Rentals

    If you will be hosting an outdoor wedding, you will need to make sure that your human and canine guests are comfortable, throughout the ceremony. A wedding tent rental will provide your guests with shade during your nuptials. By renting a wedding tent, you can also create an enclosure that will help your pet feel safe throughout the course of your wedding ceremony.