• Romantic Décor Schemes for Sweetheart Tables

    Your sweetheart table is meant to look brighter and more beautiful than all of your other table rentals in Baltimore. This table showcases you and your new spouse, so it is important to add extra flair. You can add more rental equipment, such as table linens and candelabras. You can also create a personalized backdrop or sprinkle extra flowers. Let’s look at some popular décor schemes for your sweetheart table. Table rentals in Baltimore

    Set up a Backdrop

    In addition to decorating your sweetheart table, hang a personalized backdrop behind you and your spouse. The backdrop can be made of a monogramed, decorated, or cut out a piece of fabric, or you can decorate a large piece of foamboard. Consider the material that will best match your wedding theme and decorate it in a complementary manner.

    Add Textures

    You can also add different types of texture to the table to make it stand out from the rest of your table and chair rentals. For example, bunched-up tulle, faux fur, and burlap all have interesting and noticeable textures that can be dressed up however you like.

    Splurge on Linens

    The sweetheart table should stand out from the rest of your table rentals. This can be easily achieved with different table linens. Use different colors or pattern of colors from the rest of your tables. You can also choose different fabric, such as satin or silk.

    Add Extra Lighting

    There are easy ways to add extra lighting to your sweetheart table. Beautiful candelabras can stand on both sides of the table. Small strings of light can circle your table. You can also set up extra tealights around your centerpiece for extra mood lighting.

    Sprinkle Flowers

    Add flower petals over your entire table and on the ground. Sprinkle your sweetheart table with flowers that match your colors and your décor.

    Use Nature

    If your wedding is outside, then consider using nature as your backdrop. Set up your sweetheart table against a beautiful hedge and use potted plants to line the aisle to the table.

  • The Benefits of Renting Supplies for Your Celebration

    There are several benefits that come with renting party supplies in Washington, D.C. Renting your supplies will give you greater variety and greater peace of mind, whether you are throwing a corporate event, anniversary party, or a wedding. Here is a better look at the benefits you can expect from renting party supplies:

    • You will have access to more party rentals. You can choose between several china patterns and table linen designs. This will give you a better chance of creating a cohesive and attractive party theme.
    • You will not have to worry about cleanup duties after the party. Many rental companies only require china and flatware to be rinsed and placed back in their containers. This takes a lot of stress and time off your hands, so you can focus on having fun with your guests.
    • Renting supplies is more cost-effective than purchasing items. There is no reason to purchase dozens of chairs, tables, and dishware that will only be used once. It is also damaging to the environment if you purchase one-time-use plastic items.

    party - rentals

  • Beautiful Ideas for Summer Wedding Cakes

    Wedding cakes and desserts are becoming more beautiful and more inventive every day. You can commission a hand-painted cake or display a variety of mixed desserts on your table rentals near Annapolis. Ensure that your wedding cake—like your party rentals, table linens, and rented china—represent you and your significant other by taking an active hand in its creation. Speak with your cake designer, party rental specialist, and wedding coordinator about the best ways to feature beautiful summer ideas for your summer wedding. Get started by reading about different summer wedding cakes below. Ideas for Summer Wedding Cakes

    Summer Paintings

    Painted wedding cakes are the rage right now because they are hand-crafted pieces of art that can subtly represent you and your significant other. You can have your favorite summer flowers or your favorite summer vacation spot painted on the sides of the cake. Speak with your cake designer to determine how simple or intricate your cake painting can be.

    Modern Shapes

    Geometric shapes are another popular wedding feature. This idea is especially good if you or your significant other likes math, engineering, or architecture. Your cake designer can decorate each shape with patterns of your wedding colors. If you do not like geometric shapes, then consider modern lines that are sleek and clean. Continue this idea across your wedding decorations to create a cohesive theme.

    Mixed Desserts

    There are no rules that say you must serve a wedding cake at your wedding. In fact, many people do not like the traditional wedding cake. Serve a variety of desserts to please all of your guests. You can use different-sized serving platters to create an engaging and interesting-looking dessert table. Consider serving a small wedding cake, chocolate-covered fruit, and candies for a nice variety of sweets that your guests will love.

    Bundt Cakes

    Bundt cakes are another welcome change from traditional wedding cakes. You can serve different flavors and display them in flattering patterns around your dessert table. You can also decorate your Bundt cakes to match your wedding colors and the colors of summer.

  • Three Tips for Giving a Toast

    Toasting is a common feature at weddings, corporate events, and anniversary parties . Hosts are usually prepared with various party rentals in Annapolis—such as a microphone and audio rental equipment—but every guest may not be as prepared to deliver a toast. However, the attached video offers three easy tips to help anyone deliver a great toast. Read on for a better look.

    1. Keep the toast short, sweet, and concise. A toast should not be long-winded, so practice delivering a few simple anecdotes and speak from the heart.
    2. Be careful when adding humor into a toast. A humorous toast should not be offensive, degrading, or filled with bad language.
    3. Practice well before the event. In case there is no available audio rental equipment, then be prepared to project and enunciate so everyone can hear.