Basics of Formal Dining Etiquette

Etiquettes for a Formal Dining

If you are planning a formal dining event, then you have many tasks to complete, such as finalizing your rental equipment, flatware, and glassware near Annapolis. In addition to these necessary tasks, you may wish to learn or teach your guests the basics of formal dining etiquette. As you can see in the short video, these tips are easy to learn and quick to share. Continue reading to learn the basics of formal dining.

As your guests sit in your chair rentals, it is customary to place their napkins on their laps. Then, they will begin eating with the utensils located on the outside of their dining area. As the meals continue through the evening, your guests will switch utensils and make their way toward the flatware immediately next to the plate. Learning these easy tips will help everyone have an enjoyable and formal evening.