• Spotlight on Our Dance Floor Rentals

    Rentals to Remember has all types of rental equipment to outfit any special event or get together, including a dance floor rental in Washington, D.C. Our dance floor rentals come in a multitude of sizes, colors, and designs to suit any party theme or décor. We pride ourselves on our diverse selection of party rentals, and we are proud to shine a spotlight on our beautiful dance floor rentals. Let’s take a closer look at what Rentals to Remember has to offer our valued clients.

    In addition to rental equipment—such as audio-visual technology—our clients can take advantage of dance floors and platforms to encourage guests to dance and participate. We have the supplies to create small, large, and multiple dance floors for every event. Our platforms can be rented to showcase a newlywed couple, corporate boss, or motivational speaker. In addition to our platform and dance floor rentals, clients can request china, flatware, candelabras, and table linens.

    dance - floor

  • Easy Tips for First-Time Family Reunion Planners

    Family reunions are a great time to catch up and have fun with long-distance family. Planning a reunion for the first time, however, can be stressful. You can cut back on the stress by enlisting helpful family members to book the rental equipment and help set up your venue in Baltimore. Read on to learn some easy tips that will make planning your first family reunion a great experience. Tips for First-Time Family Reunion Planners

    Tip #1: Form a Planning Committee

    It is best to plan any sort of large get together with the help of others. If you are wrangling in family members from all over the country—and you need to set up lodging, food, and activities—then you need all of the help you can get. Enlist family members who get along and work well together. Designate tasks to each person and set up deadlines for each task to be completed. For example, any rental equipment, such as china or chair rentals, should be rented about two months prior to the reunion.

    Tip #2: Plan Well in Advance

    Planning a family reunion requires a lot of time. If you are planning a large reunion, then start making reservations for lodging and travel six months to a year before the reunion date. Book a large estate, hotel rooms, or banquet hall a year in advance, because these locations are commonly reserved for large parties as soon as they become available. Notify all of the family once you have a specified date for the reunion. This will give your family members plenty of time to request time off work, make travel arrangements, and make other vacation plans.

    Tip #3: Start Small the First Time

    For your first time planning a family reunion, try to start as small as possible. Only invite close family members who do not get to see each other often. If you start too big, and invite extended cousins for example, then you risk becoming overwhelmed and the reunion falling apart.

  • Solo Dancing with Confidence

    Dancing by yourself is a great way to show confidence and have fun on a dance floor rental in Annapolis. Instead of sitting alone on a chair rental at your next event, head out on the dance floor and have a great time. Watch the video and read on for more information about dancing by yourself.

    The dancers in the video suggest dancing in a figurative box around the dance floor. This is a simple dance move that requires you to step to the side, step back, step to the other side, and then step forward. You can make these simple steps more energetic and exciting by adding some turns, bouncing, bending, and snapping your fingers. Impress everyone with your confidence and security in solo dancing at your next special event.

  • Beautiful Ideas for Summer Wedding Cakes

    Wedding cakes and desserts are becoming more beautiful and more inventive every day. You can commission a hand-painted cake or display a variety of mixed desserts on your table rentals near Annapolis. Ensure that your wedding cake—like your party rentals, table linens, and rented china—represent you and your significant other by taking an active hand in its creation. Speak with your cake designer, party rental specialist, and wedding coordinator about the best ways to feature beautiful summer ideas for your summer wedding. Get started by reading about different summer wedding cakes below. Ideas for Summer Wedding Cakes

    Summer Paintings

    Painted wedding cakes are the rage right now because they are hand-crafted pieces of art that can subtly represent you and your significant other. You can have your favorite summer flowers or your favorite summer vacation spot painted on the sides of the cake. Speak with your cake designer to determine how simple or intricate your cake painting can be.

    Modern Shapes

    Geometric shapes are another popular wedding feature. This idea is especially good if you or your significant other likes math, engineering, or architecture. Your cake designer can decorate each shape with patterns of your wedding colors. If you do not like geometric shapes, then consider modern lines that are sleek and clean. Continue this idea across your wedding decorations to create a cohesive theme.

    Mixed Desserts

    There are no rules that say you must serve a wedding cake at your wedding. In fact, many people do not like the traditional wedding cake. Serve a variety of desserts to please all of your guests. You can use different-sized serving platters to create an engaging and interesting-looking dessert table. Consider serving a small wedding cake, chocolate-covered fruit, and candies for a nice variety of sweets that your guests will love.

    Bundt Cakes

    Bundt cakes are another welcome change from traditional wedding cakes. You can serve different flavors and display them in flattering patterns around your dessert table. You can also decorate your Bundt cakes to match your wedding colors and the colors of summer.

  • Basics of Formal Dining Etiquette

    If you are planning a formal dining event, then you have many tasks to complete, such as finalizing your rental equipment, flatware, and glassware near Annapolis. In addition to these necessary tasks, you may wish to learn or teach your guests the basics of formal dining etiquette. As you can see in the short video, these tips are easy to learn and quick to share. Continue reading to learn the basics of formal dining.

    As your guests sit in your chair rentals, it is customary to place their napkins on their laps. Then, they will begin eating with the utensils located on the outside of their dining area. As the meals continue through the evening, your guests will switch utensils and make their way toward the flatware immediately next to the plate. Learning these easy tips will help everyone have an enjoyable and formal evening.

  • Outdoor Party Planning Tips for Summer

    Summer is a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you cannot start planning summer parties now. Your summer parties can use a few helpful additions to ensure they are a complete success. You can take advantage of rental equipment near Annapolis —such as table and chair rentals, serving platters, and dance floor rentals—to make your summer party a hit with your guests. Watch the video and read on for planning tips for your next summer party.

    • Consider renting fans, misters, and shade options to keep your guests cool throughout the party.
    • Keep insect-repellants stationed around the party. These can be in the form of torches, candles, and sprays.
    • Set up a dance floor rental and audio rental equipment to keep your guests entertained.
    • Set up table and chair rentals to ensure everyone has a place to sit and set down their food and drinks.

  • Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Anniversary Party

    Your wedding day is an event that you will remember for your lifetime. In order to commemorate the occasion and spend time with family and friends, you may want to consider hosting an anniversary party. With services from a company that offers party rentals and chair rentals near Baltimore, you will be able to rent all of the equipment that is needed for your big day. From table linens to china, a party rental company can provide you with items that will help to take the guesswork out of party planning. Let’s take a closer look at some tips for planning the perfect anniversary party. Tips for planning the perfect Anniversary Party.

    Set the Date in Advance

    When you are planning an anniversary party, you will want to make sure that your festive occasion is held on or around the date of your actual anniversary. To ensure that your family and friends will be able to make the party, it is a good idea to set the date in advance. In order to provide your guests with advanced notice, you may want to mail out invitations at least one month ahead of time.

    Choose Festive Décor

    No anniversary party is complete without festive decorations and beautiful place settings. As you are gearing up for your anniversary party, you may want to consider renting linens, china, and other beautiful items that will add elegance to your big day. You may also want to choose a decoration theme that highlights something special about you and your spouse. For example, if you love to dance, you may want to include a dance floor rental in your party preparations.

    Serve Plenty of Food and Drinks

    An anniversary party will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to sit down with your loved ones over a delicious meal. As you are making preparations for your anniversary party, you may want to consider whether you will be making all of the food, or whether you would prefer to hire a catering company. A team of caterers will be able to take the stress out of serving food for all of your guests.

  • Your Party Supply Essentials Checklist

    It takes a lot of effort to put together a successful party. If you plan to host a gathering, you can find the help you need from a party rental company serving Washington, D.C. There, you will find everything you need to make your party memorable for all the right reasons—from rental equipment to table linens to candelabras. Renting your party supplies is a great way to keep your budget low while giving your guests an incredible experience. Party Supply Essentials Checklist in Annapolis, MD

    Rental Equipment

    Think about the larger pieces of equipment you might need before you begin planning the smaller details. Some examples of popular rental equipment include portable dance floors and platforms. Platforms are essential if you plan to hire musicians or other live entertainers, or if you intend on handing out awards or giving a speech. Dance floors are a fun option for a festive celebration like a graduation, anniversary, or holiday celebration. And of course, dance floors are a must-have for any thoughtfully designed wedding reception. Remember to arrange for an adequate sound system if you aren’t planning to hire a live band.

    Tables and Chairs

    Next, it’s time to finalize your guest list so that you can rent all of the tables and chairs you’ll need. After determining how many people will attend your party, you can break down the seating chart. Multiple tables are a great option for breaking up very large gatherings. For a wedding, for example, it’s customary to seat the wedding party at the head table, with the guests seated at one or more separate tables. Make a choice between round and long tables; both are elegant options. Chair rentals are available in a variety of styles and colors. They should match the tables and the décor, but keep in mind that you can add extra touches to the chairs to decorate them appropriately.

    China and Flatware

    Whether you’re planning a formal sit-down meal or a buffet-style meal, you should treat your guests to an elegant and enjoyable dining experience. Consider renting a China set complete with dinner, salad, and dessert plates. Of course, you’ll also need coffee and tea cups, saucers, stemware, and similar items. Before finalizing your arrangements, consider asking the party rental representative to recommend anything you may have forgotten.

  • Add Elegance to Your Evening Events with Candelabras

    If you’re planning an evening wedding reception or another late-day special occasion, consider renting silver candelabras. Candelabras  rented in Baltimore will add a touch of upscale elegance to every event and set the perfect mood for an intimate or large gathering. Silver candelabras make ideal centerpieces. If you intend on renting long tables, choose two or three candelabras for each table.

    You may be surprised at the many different style choices available when you decorate with candelabras. It’s customary to use candelabras to hold long, tapered candles, but you could also choose LED tea lights if you’re concerned about the candles burning out before your event is over. Another advantage of using flameless tea lights is that they allow you to place elegant greenery or floral arrangements in the candelabra without fear of spreading the flames. Flameless tea lights are particularly ideal if your evening event will welcome guests of all ages.

    Candelabras for Evening Events

  • Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Holiday Party

    It’s always best to plan holiday parties well in advance, especially if you would like to arrange a large gathering of guests or if you prefer formal affairs. There are many questions you must answer during the planning process and many details to consider—from the color of table linens you’ll use to the number of chair rentals you’ll need. Fortunately, choosing rental equipment for a party in Washington, D.C. makes your planning process much more efficient. party - rentals

    Who will I be inviting?

    Developing your guest list should be among your first steps to take. You’ll need to finalize the guest list before you can identify the right venue or make decisions about rental equipment. Consider whether you’ll allow your invited guests to bring a “plus one.” Mail out invitation cards well in advance and make it easy for your guests to RSVP by suggesting that they email their response. Be sure to set an RSVP deadline to allow you enough time to hammer out the details of your event.

    Am I planning a sit-down dinner?

    Once you’ve decided on your guest list, you’ll need to consider the nature of your holiday party. Are you planning a formal sit-down dinner or a casual get-together? Whichever option you choose, you’ll likely want to arrange for the party to be catered. Meet with several caterers in your area to discuss your event. They can suggest menu options for you to consider. Once you have worked out the details of the catering, you can contact a party rental supply company to reserve all of the necessities. At the very least, you’ll need flatware, glassware, and serving platters. You may also wish to rent elegant dessert stands, particularly if you’re planning a holiday buffet. Champagne and wine buckets are practically a must, along with crystal punch bowls. Coordinate with your caterer to find out which dining items you’ll be renting.

    What entertainment options should I arrange?

    Entertainment is the highlight of every successful holiday party. By renting a dance floor, you can invite your guests to let loose and celebrate. If you plan to arrange live entertainment, you may also need to rent a platform for the musicians.