• Picking the Right Wedding Glasses for Your Signature Cocktail

    The wedding rentals in Baltimore that you need for your big day may include wedding glasses, serving platters, and table linens. If you and your partner want to be creative with your festivities and design a signature wedding cocktail, you need to decide on the right type of glassware to drink from. Different kinds of drinks are meant to be drunk from different kinds of glassware. You probably wouldn’t drink whiskey from a wine glass or a fine ale out of a shot glass, so you should know how to pair your cocktail and your glass. Keep reading for tips on picking the right glasses.

    Everybody’s looking forward to watching you and the love of your life tie the knot for good, but everyone is also looking forward to cocktail hour. A signature cocktail is a creative way to make everyone feel like they’re part of the wedding, but don’t forget to consider the type of glass you’ll be serving it in. Highballs, or drinks like Jack and Coke or Scotch and soda, are served in tall, relatively narrow glasses. Flutes let you hold your drink by the stem, so your hand doesn’t warm it up, and coupes are the go-to choice for champagne.

  • A Look at Our Collection of Larger Dishes

    Whether you are planning a wedding, or preparing for a formal banquet, you will need to make sure that you obtain all of the flatware and serving platters that are required to serve your dishes. At Rentals to Remember, we are pleased to rent large dishes and serving platters in Annapolis. From china to candelabras, we can set you up with all of the rentals that you will need for your upcoming event.

    When you are browsing our collection of serving platters and plates, you will find that we carry a wide inventory of large dishes. Our offerings range from simple to ornate in design, so you will have no problem finding dishes that match the style and mood of your event. We also carry specialty dishes, such as our Saturn bowls, which are perfect for displaying both appetizers and entrees. To get started on your upcoming event rental, reach out to our team of event planning experts.

  • How to Host a Harvest Party

    Hosting a harvest party is a great way to kick off the start of the fall and winter seasons. With the right party rentals, themed decorations, and a great love of fall colors, your next harvest party will be a huge success. If you are looking for some simple ideas and ways to host a harvest party, continue reading for a look at the right decorations and rental equipment near Washington, D.C.

    • Design festive-looking invitations. Harvest party invites will usually feature leaves with various colors of gold, green, and red. Specify on the invitation if you would like guests to dress a certain way or bring certain foods.
    • Consider renting colored table linens, china, and serving platters to match your harvest decorations. These beautiful party rentals will create a cohesive look that will have your guests pleased they joined your harvest party.
    • Decorate your party venue in rich fall colors. Sprinkle dried leaves, cranberries, and green sprigs as decorations or centerpieces. To complete your harvest party, design a large cornucopia for your serving platters and food to center around.

    Simple Ideas for Harvest Party at Rentals to Remember

  • Be Prepared for Your Next Party

    If you are the type of host or event planner who is always having a party, then you should be prepared with various party rentals . Maybe you like to host big barbecues in your backyard. Or, you have the house where all the kids want to throw their birthday parties. There is never a bad reason to have a party, so be sure to have some key rental equipment near Washington, D.C.

    • Chairs and tables—everyone needs somewhere to sit, right? Party rental companies have a variety of chair and table styles to match any themed party you are hosting.
    • Even a casual party should have chair and table linens. These beautiful, yet protective, coverings can count as decorations, but they also make for easier cleanup.
    • By renting your china and glassware, you save yourself money from having to buy wasteful paper plates and plastic cups.
    • Do not forget an essential piece of rental equipment—a dance floor. Throw on some tunes, and starting jamming on the dance floor with your guests.

    Things to Plan for Your Next Party

  • All about Flatware

    Flatware by Rentals to Remember Renting flatware in Baltimore for your next event is a great option if you’re looking for a wide selection of flatware colors, patterns, and shapes. With everything from traditional china to modern sets, renting flatware will leave you with no shortage of choices. Using  rental flatware can also save you from being left with a massive dish clean up after the meal.

    When renting, you’ll have plenty of dish types to select from. Plates typically are available in bread and butter, salad, dinner, dessert, holding, and charger sizes. You’ll also be able to rent teacups and coffee cups, along with matching saucers.

    Rentals to Remember specializes in meeting your party hosting needs. Whether you’re planning a small get-together or a large wedding, we have high-quality rental equipment and supplies to help you host the perfect event. Explore our website to learn more about our services and selections so you can create an exquisite display for your next party or event.