• Wedding Cake Cutting Made Simple

    One of the most exciting moments of any wedding is when the bride and groom cut the cake. In this video, you will receive simple instructions for cutting your wedding cake successfully. If your cake has multiple tiers, remove and lift the tiers, before you begin cutting. Once the tiers have been disassembled, you can measure and cut the slices. A company that rents flatware in Baltimore can provide you with the tools that you will need to cut and serve your wedding cake.

    If you are preparing for an upcoming wedding, make sure to rent all of the serving platters and china that you will need to serve your guests. A premier rental company can provide you with elegant rentals that will add the perfect touch to your reception.

  • Family Reunion Planning Tips

    A family reunion is a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones. This video will provide you with important tips and information to keep in mind when you are planning your family reunion . To plan a family reunion, you will need to start by creating a list of your family members, including your extended family. After you have obtained your family members’ contact information, you can reach out to determine the best time and place for your event. Additionally, you will also want to plan and reserve party rentals serving Washington D.C.

    When you are getting ready for a big family reunion, let your party rental company provide you with all the necessary equipment. When you schedule a flatware and table rental for your event, you can rest assured that your family reunion will be a total success.

  • Foolproof Wine Pairings

    When you are planning your upcoming wedding, you will need to make sure that you have the perfect wines to celebrate your big day. By offering a few different varieties of wine, it will be possible to ensure that your drinks pair perfectly with each item on your catering menu. For example, if you will be serving fish at your wedding reception, consider pairing your dinner with a light white wine. Heartier meats, such as pork or beef, pair nicely with bold red wines. No matter what type of wine you intend to serve at your wedding, a company that offers party rentals serving Baltimore can provide you with the correct glassware.

    After you have picked out wine pairings for your wedding dinner, you will be ready to pick out glassware from your party rental company. Along with table linens and other items, wedding rental companies also offer elegant glassware that will complement the flavor and bouquet of your white, red, and sparkling wines.

    wine - glass

  • Attending a Wedding? Know These Do’s and Don’ts

    There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to attending a wedding. For example, you should turn your cellphone off during the ceremony, and you should not arrive late. You must also be respectful of the venue’s rental equipment , china, and other wedding rentals in Annapolis. These are examples of common courtesy that many people may forget. Read on to learn more dos and don’ts that can help you navigate the next wedding you attend and ensure you still have a good time. Do's & Don'ts for a Wedding

    Do adhere to the dress code.

    It is rude and inappropriate to show up to a formal wedding in jeans, shorts, or overly revealing outfits. Alternatively, it can be embarrassing to show up to a casual event in formal wear. Examine the invitation and the venue to help guide your outfit choices. When in doubt, ask the bride or groom well ahead of the ceremony.

    Don’t assume you have a plus one.

    If you received a wedding invitation addressed only to you, then you must not assume that you can bring a guest. You can ask the wedding couple if you might bring your guest. However, be aware that they may have a limited number of seats at the venue or budgetary restrictions that are keeping the guest list tight.

    Do sign the guest book.

    The guest book is an important memento for the wedding couple, and it helps them remember everyone who shared in their special day. You will likely see the guest book on a table rental toward the entrance to the venue. If you cannot find it, then ask a member of the wedding party where to go. Your involvement will be much appreciated by the happy couple.

    Don’t take advantage of the bar.

    Many weddings have an open bar, so guests can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks without payment. This is very generous of the bridal couple, but it should not be abused. You may end up being the center of attention in an embarrassing way. Keep your alcoholic drinks to a minimum, and thank the couple for their generosity.

  • Best Tablecloth Colors for Your Outdoor Reception

    • There are countless colors and styles to choose from when renting your table linens in Washington, D.C. You can choose classic white or ivory, or you may subscribe to the growing popularity of black table linens. You may decide to be wholly original and rent linens in bright colors, patterns, and fabrics. No matter your choice, however, there are certain tips to help you choose the best tablecloth colors for any type of reception. Let’s take a closer look below.
    • Consider the colors and lighting of your outdoor venue. Your desired table linens may clash with the colors of your venue. If this occurs, then consider a different shade of your preferred color or using only accent pieces in the desired color.
    • If you have a bright, dominant color in your wedding, then choose white or ivory tablecloths and rent china or table runners in your wedding color.
    • You may also prefer a touch of color by renting white tablecloths and using a lace overlay in the color of your choice.

    Tablecloth for Outdoor Reception

  • Do’s and Don’ts for Your Summer Wedding

    Summer weddings can be beautiful for you and your guests, as long as you prepare for potentially hot weather and summer vacation schedules. In addition to your typical china and chair rentals, put tents and fans on your list of rental equipment near Annapolis. These items, plus the following do’s and don’ts, will help make your summer wedding a great success. summer - wedding

    Do Prepare for the Heat

    Summer may look gorgeous, but it does not always feel comfortable. Heat and humidity can put a damper on your big day, so it is crucial to have various measures in place to beat the heat. Include several fans and misters on your list of rental equipment. Offer guests and members of the bridal party water and cold drinks throughout the event. These measures will help prevent overheated guests and ensure that everyone has a great time.

    Don’t Forget Sun Protection

    In addition to beating the heat, it is important to prepare for all types of weather conditions. More likely, you will have to contend with the sun during the summer, but rainy weather is a possibility too. Consider renting a large tent or canopies to keep your guests and bridal party protected from the hot sun or rainy clouds.

    Do Send Save-the-Dates

    Summer is often the best time for families to take vacations, so it is necessary to inform your guests of your wedding date ahead of your invitations. When your guests receive their save-the-dates, they can better prepare their traveling plans. If they are coming from out of the town, then they may plan their vacation around your wedding. In-town guests can ensure they will be able to attend your wedding and plan their trips for another date.

    Don’t Wear Heavy Clothes

    Preparing for the summer heat should also include wearing the proper attire. Ensure that the bridal party is outfitted in lighter attire, such as linen suits and short or tea-length dresses. Include suggestions for light attire on the invitations, so your guests will feel comfortable as well.

  • Easy Ways to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

    Picking the perfect dance floor rental for a Baltimore event is important. However, the dance floor must be used to be a true asset for your celebration. There are a few easy ways to encourage dancing, such as renting high-quality sound equipment and hiring a great DJ. Read on for more ways to get your guests dancing on your dance floor party rental. Guests on the Dance Floor

    Start the Party

    One of the best ways to get your guests dancing is to start dancing yourself. Many times, people wait for a host or a bridal couple to kick off the event, or they need to see someone brave enough to go to the dance floor rental. If your guests seem shy or they are reluctant to start dancing, then be the brave one. Grab your partner or a couple of friends and start dancing. Your guests will soon fill the space around you, and everyone will have a great time.

    Allow Song Suggestions

    Sometimes, your guests may not be dancing because the music is not to their liking, or they do not consider it easy dancing music. If you have a specific playlist in mind, then consider tweaking it with your DJ or band to allow better songs for dancing. If you have a DJ, then allow your guests the chance to ask for specific songs. When your guests can request their favorite dancing songs, then they are likelier to enjoy the evening and start dancing.

    Hire a Great DJ

    It is also necessary to have an upbeat and quick-thinking DJ to encourage your guests to dance. Your DJ will keep the evening moving by announcing when the caterer is bringing out the serving platters, when different speeches and events begin, and when the music and dancing will start. Ensure that your DJ has the right energy to keep your guests excited and ready to participate in your event or wedding. Your guests will respond to high energy, and everyone will have a great time.

  • Avoid These Common Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding

    Planning a wedding takes up a lot of your time, so don’t make the mistake of planning every detail yourself. You can trust others with finding rental equipment, catering companies, and serving platters in Annapolis. Keep wedding planning stress low by avoiding the following mistakes. Common Mistakes while Planning the Wedding

    Leaving your guest list for later.

    It is exciting to begin planning all of the wedding details, such as colors, decorations, and china patterns. However, these details are not the most important factor when you first begin to plan your wedding. Your guest list should be at the top of your to-do list, because most of your wedding details will fluctuate based on your guest list. For example, your venue will need an approximate guest count, and you cannot reserve table and chair rentals without a solid guest count. You do not need the final number until closer to the wedding date, but you should have a close estimate before you start to plan the rest of the wedding.

    Planning the event by yourself.

    It is okay to delegate some of your wedding tasks to your close friends and family. You will be much happier and less stressed if you trust others to help you plan the wedding. You can trust your friends to help you find prices on venues, catering, and wedding rentals. You can also work with your fiancé to determine which flowers, decorations, and favors should be at your wedding and the reception to follow. Relieve some of your planning stress, and you will have a much better time at your wedding.

    Stressing over the little details.

    You may have certain ideas and details that would be a great addition to your wedding, such as a special favor or decoration. However, if this is a minor detail, then it should not occupy your planning. Your wedding should be a fun event for everyone, but it should be the most fun for you and your fiancé. Don’t ruin your wedding experience by stressing over small details.

  • Outdoor Party Planning Tips for Summer

    Summer is a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you cannot start planning summer parties now. Your summer parties can use a few helpful additions to ensure they are a complete success. You can take advantage of rental equipment near Annapolis —such as table and chair rentals, serving platters, and dance floor rentals—to make your summer party a hit with your guests. Watch the video and read on for planning tips for your next summer party.

    • Consider renting fans, misters, and shade options to keep your guests cool throughout the party.
    • Keep insect-repellants stationed around the party. These can be in the form of torches, candles, and sprays.
    • Set up a dance floor rental and audio rental equipment to keep your guests entertained.
    • Set up table and chair rentals to ensure everyone has a place to sit and set down their food and drinks.

  • What to Look for in a Party Rental Company

    Whether you are planning your wedding ceremony or hosting a corporate function, you will want to make sure that you work with a reputable party rental company in preparation for your big day. By choosing a top-rated company that specializes in party rentals serving Annapolis, you can make sure that you are fully prepared when the day of your event arrives. There are several features that you can look for when you are seeking the right party rental company for your needs.

    As you are interviewing a party rental company, you will want to make sure that the company has plenty of experience in the rental industry. Ideally, your party rental specialist will also have strong working relationships with caterers, vendors, and other professionals in the local area. Finally, you should also make sure that the company’s table linens, glassware, and other items are of appropriate quality. Once you have found a top-rated party rental company that is committed to customer satisfaction, you will be ready to begin the event planning process.

    A Women from Party Rental Company