• Family Reunion Planning Tips

    A family reunion is a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones. This video will provide you with important tips and information to keep in mind when you are planning your family reunion . To plan a family reunion, you will need to start by creating a list of your family members, including your extended family. After you have obtained your family members’ contact information, you can reach out to determine the best time and place for your event. Additionally, you will also want to plan and reserve party rentals serving Washington D.C.

    When you are getting ready for a big family reunion, let your party rental company provide you with all the necessary equipment. When you schedule a flatware and table rental for your event, you can rest assured that your family reunion will be a total success.

  • Quick Tips for Planning a Perfect Back-to-School Party

    As the summer season winds down, you and your kids will be getting ready for the start of the school year. To start the new semester off with a bang, consider hosting a back-to-school party in your backyard. A company that offers party rentals serving Baltimore can provide you with table rental, China, and other rental items for your get-together. By renting party equipment, you can easily host a large group from your child’s school. Read on for an overview of some quick tips that will help you plan the perfect back-to-school party. Tips to Plan a Perfect Back-to-School Party

    Send Out Invitations in Advance

    The end of the summer can be a busy time for many families. If you are thinking about hosting a back-to-school party, you will want to send out your party invitations well in advance. By providing your guests with at least a month’s notice for your big party, you can make sure that you have plenty of attendees on your child’s big day.

    Create a Kid-Friendly Menu

    Your back-to-school party should offer menu items that cater to both children and adults. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of preparing food for a large group of people, consider hiring a team of caterers for your event. A catering company can create a delicious and festive menu that includes items that will appeal to people of all ages.

    Rent Party Equipment

    To save time and energy during your back-to-school party, consider renting your party equipment from a rental company that serves your local area. If you will be hosting your party in your backyard, you can rent a party tent, tables, chairs, and any other items that you will need for your big day. To celebrate the beginning of the school year, you can also consider renting party games and other festive items. By renting your party equipment instead of buying it, you can reduce your stress and save money on your party expenses.

  • How to Host an Elegant Picnic

    Outdoor events can be just as elegant as those held in a high-class ballroom, so throwing a picnic this summer is a great way to bring your friends and family together for a fancy afternoon. You can host an elegant picnic with a few simple pieces of rental equipment and imagination. For example, your china and glassware in Baltimore can double as picnic décor to match your inventive, new cocktails. Keep these ideas and more in mind when planning your elegant picnic this summer. Continue reading for a brief look at how to host a picnic. Things for Hosting an Elegant Picnic

    Set up Classy Décor

    An important element of an elegant picnic in the décor. Your table and chair rentals must be of high quality, and they must be decorated with attractive table linens, china, and centerpieces. If you wish to throw a traditional-looking picnic, then choose checkered linens and fresh, green-stemmed flowers as decorations. You can also set up your tables and dance floor on a grassy lawn to complete the picnic look.

    Create Original Cocktails

    Picnics are often held during the spring and summer, so your drinks should be light and fresh for your guests to enjoy in the warm weather. Fun and original cocktails and “mocktails” are a great addition to an elegant picnic. Red and white sangrias—complete with fresh fruits—and alcoholic lemonades are refreshing drinks for the adults. Infused water, non-alcoholic lemonades, and teas are great summer drinks for the younger guests and adults who do not want to drink alcohol.

    Offer Light Foods

    Your picnic foods should be able to stand up to warmer weather and outside conditions. Set up a sandwich-making table or offer grilled hamburgers, kebobs, and vegetables. Keep an ice cooler nearby for your perishable foods like lettuce, cheese, and condiments. Offer your guests a fruit salad, fruit pies, tarts, or cheesecakes for lighter, sweet desserts. You can also make the picnic a potluck affair to avoid the high costs of feeding all your guests.

  • Menu Courses: How Many Do You Need?

    There are many choices you must make prior to your wedding, such as renting tables and chairs, china patterns, and the catering menu. Your menu is an important element of your wedding, because it will help entertain your guests and keep them well-fed. Your menu may also influence the number of serving platters and china you rent in Annapolis. Here is a better look at how many courses you should plan for based on your wedding details:

    As you can see in the attached video, the number of courses will often depend on the formality and time of day of your wedding. For example, a brunch or lunchtime wedding will have fewer courses than an evening event. You may also choose fewer courses if your wedding has a more casual theme. Speak with your caterers to determine the perfect menu and course choices.

  • Best Tablecloth Colors for Your Outdoor Reception

    • There are countless colors and styles to choose from when renting your table linens in Washington, D.C. You can choose classic white or ivory, or you may subscribe to the growing popularity of black table linens. You may decide to be wholly original and rent linens in bright colors, patterns, and fabrics. No matter your choice, however, there are certain tips to help you choose the best tablecloth colors for any type of reception. Let’s take a closer look below.
    • Consider the colors and lighting of your outdoor venue. Your desired table linens may clash with the colors of your venue. If this occurs, then consider a different shade of your preferred color or using only accent pieces in the desired color.
    • If you have a bright, dominant color in your wedding, then choose white or ivory tablecloths and rent china or table runners in your wedding color.
    • You may also prefer a touch of color by renting white tablecloths and using a lace overlay in the color of your choice.

    Tablecloth for Outdoor Reception

  • Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Cocktail Bar Area

    There are countless ways to decorate your cocktail bar area. Consider your wedding or event theme before choosing your rental equipment, because you may find some new ideas for your party rentals. For example, a regular wooden table rental in Annapolis can be spruced up with the addition of sand or table linens. You can create the perfect cocktail decorations using a variety of rentals available to you. Read on for some fun ideas to decorate your cocktail bar area. Ideas to decorate cocktail bar area


    If your wedding or event has a rustic or country theme, then decorate your cocktail bar with wooden barrels, wagon wheels, and wooden fixtures. Rustic elegance is a popular party theme right now, and it can be easily accomplished with a few simple party rentals. For example, large barrels and repurposed wooden centerpieces will give your rustic cocktail hour the added flair it needs.


    Whether your wedding is on the beach or hundreds of miles away from the beach, you can bring the sand and waves to you. Set up a repurposed wooden shelf or table, and lay down heaps of white sand on the surface. Place seashells, starfish, and netting around the table for more beach vibes. Display signature cocktails and beers nestled in the sand with a cocktail umbrella shading them.


    Create an elegant and formal affair with a banquet décor around your cocktail bar. Drape fine table linens across the table. Set up tealight candles or candelabras on the table and around the bar area to create a soft glow and warm feeling. Place tall centerpieces on either side of the bar to properly frame it, and place large trees or drapes behind the bar for a more elegant look.


    Speakeasies are making a comeback in the bar scene, so why not include it in your wedding or special event? Your table and chair rentals should come in dark colors with cushioned seats. Choose dark woods for your bar table, and set up ferns to frame the bar.

  • Tips for Organizing Your First Fundraising Gala

    If you are planning your first fundraising event, then you need as much help as you can get to make it a success. For example, use your budget on the rental equipment, such as a nice table and chair rentals near Baltimore. Work closely with your staff to ensure the event is seamless. Also, do not forget to tell everyone about your big gala, so your charity can earn as much support as possible. Read on for more tips about organizing your first fundraising gala. Organizing Fundraising Gala

    Tip #1: Establish a Budget

    Establishing a budget should be one of the first items on your fundraising event to-do list. You cannot effectively plan the event without a budget in mind. Once you have an overall dollar amount, then you can separate the budget by important details. For example, a significant portion of your budget will go toward a venue and rental equipment, such as audio-visual equipment and a stage rental. Another part of your budget should go toward catering details, decorations, and marketing your event.

    Tip #2: Plan the Setup

    In the days leading up to your fundraising gala, speak with your event staff about the plan for the event. Your staff should know the timeline of when food will be served, guests will speak, and other festivities will begin. If you have any expectations of your event staff—such as their involvement in promoting the charity—then make them known before the event. Remain in contact with your event staff throughout the event, or put a trusted individual in charge to act as your proxy.

    Tip #3: Market the Event

    Ensure that your fundraising gala is well-marketed in the months, weeks, and days leading to the event. Send out email reminders to your guests, and post details about the event and your charity with all of your vendors. During the event, place fliers about the charity next to your serving platters and on guests’ tables. This will help reinforce the reason that your guests are attending this fundraising gala.

  • Outdoor Party Planning Tips for Summer

    Summer is a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you cannot start planning summer parties now. Your summer parties can use a few helpful additions to ensure they are a complete success. You can take advantage of rental equipment near Annapolis —such as table and chair rentals, serving platters, and dance floor rentals—to make your summer party a hit with your guests. Watch the video and read on for planning tips for your next summer party.

    • Consider renting fans, misters, and shade options to keep your guests cool throughout the party.
    • Keep insect-repellants stationed around the party. These can be in the form of torches, candles, and sprays.
    • Set up a dance floor rental and audio rental equipment to keep your guests entertained.
    • Set up table and chair rentals to ensure everyone has a place to sit and set down their food and drinks.

  • Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Wedding

    When you are renting equipment for your wedding , you will want to make sure that all of your items fit into your color scheme. In this video from Martha Stewart Weddings, you will take an in depth look at how to choose a color scheme for your wedding. A company that offers party rentals serving Washington, D.C. can help you select a gorgeous color scheme for all of your wedding decorations.

    Once you have picked out your color scheme, you will be ready to choose your table linens, china, and other important items for your reception and ceremony. When all of your rentals are connected through a similar color scheme, they will add a beautiful ambience to your nuptials.

  • Why Take Advantage of Party Rentals?

    For parties both large and small, party rentals are always a good choice. Party rentals available in Baltimore allow party planners to bring their visions to life without going over budget. Party rentals also lend a celebratory and formal ambience to the gathering. For example, instead of celebrating graduation in someone’s living room, you can move the celebration to an outdoor dance floor rental to make it an event to remember.

    With party rentals, there’s never a risk that you’ll run out of chairs or flatware, or that you’ll purchase too many items. Once you know how many people you will invite to your gathering, you’ll only have to arrange to rent as many items as you need. You can even rent custom-designed linens and decorative touches to make your party stand out. An elegant backdrop is the perfect setting for creating artistic photographs to preserve the memories of your event.

    Advantages of Party Rentals