A Guide to Must-Have Wedding Rentals

A Guide for Wedding Rituals

With all of the moving parts involved in wedding planning, it’s easy to overlook renting something you end up needing for the occasion. Although there are certain wedding rentals that are specific to the kind of event you want to have, some things should be on every couple’s list. As you pick your wedding rentals in Annapolis for your big day, don’t overlook these important items.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are obvious items that every wedding needs, but remember to look beyond places for your guests to sit. In addition to table and chair rentals for the ceremony and reception, don’t forget to add additional rentals that are necessary to make your wedding run smoothly. For instance, you will need a table to place gifts, one for wedding favors, and one for your cake. Your DJ or band may need chairs, and your caterer may also have specific needs. Be sure to consider all of these needs when renting your tables and chairs.

Dance Floor

If your wedding venue doesn’t have a designated dance floor, rent one for the occasion. Having a dance floor has several advantages. It encourages dancing by creating a specific area, and it is safer for guests than dancing on the regular floor. It also makes it more comfortable for guests who don’t wish to dance to find an area out of the way to sit. Your wedding rental company can help you select the right size for your floor based on your venue and the number of guests you’re having.

Serving Tools

Whether you’re having a sit-down meal, buffet, or serving stations, you will need service accessories. Talk to your caterer about what they will provide and is necessary for you to have on hand. You may also wish to rent upgraded utensils, such as silver serving platters or crystal table accessories. Don’t forget to add any specialty items you may need, such as coffee accessories, chafing dishes, and wine buckets.