• A Guide to Wedding Dances

    At weddings, the dances are often a highlight of the event. When you add a dance floor to your wedding rental in Annapolis, it can make the dances even more special by giving them a platform. Here is a guide to some of the dances traditionally held at weddings.

    First Dance

    The first dance at a wedding is usually reserved for the newlyweds. Pick a song that you’re both comfortable dancing to, and don’t forget to practice. Even if you think that you’re completely at ease dancing together, it feels different when an entire room of friends and family are looking at you in the spotlight. Some couples take this opportunity to dance together to a sentimental song, while others love to surprise people with an unexpected dance routine. Whatever way you decide to go, a dance floor can make it feel more special.

    Father-Daughter Dance

    The father-daughter wedding dance is a time for the bride and her father to dance together in honor of the transition in their relationship. This sentimental moment usually involves a slow song about family bonds or a song that has special meaning to the father-daughter team. Of course, the father and daughter can also choose to surprise everyone with a choreographed dance. This dance traditionally happens after the first dance of the couple, and usually, the DJ will adapt the song so that it doesn’t go on for an extended period of time. Be sure to practice this dance as well. Even if you’ve danced together multiple times in the past, doing so under the gaze of others during an emotional event can be difficult. Sometimes, during the father-daughter dance, the groom dances with the bride’s mother.

    Groom-Mother Dance

    The dance with the groom and his mother usually comes after the father-daughter dance. It plays out in the same fashion, with a traditional dance to a song that has meaning to the family or through a choreographed routine. This dance will also likely be performed to a song that has been shortened by the DJ, so that all of the guests have time to dance.