• A Guide to Must-Have Wedding Rentals

    With all of the moving parts involved in wedding planning, it’s easy to overlook renting something you end up needing for the occasion. Although there are certain wedding rentals that are specific to the kind of event you want to have, some things should be on every couple’s list. As you pick your wedding rentals in Annapolis for your big day, don’t overlook these important items.

    Tables and Chairs

    Tables and chairs are obvious items that every wedding needs, but remember to look beyond places for your guests to sit. In addition to table and chair rentals for the ceremony and reception, don’t forget to add additional rentals that are necessary to make your wedding run smoothly. For instance, you will need a table to place gifts, one for wedding favors, and one for your cake. Your DJ or band may need chairs, and your caterer may also have specific needs. Be sure to consider all of these needs when renting your tables and chairs.

    Dance Floor

    If your wedding venue doesn’t have a designated dance floor, rent one for the occasion. Having a dance floor has several advantages. It encourages dancing by creating a specific area, and it is safer for guests than dancing on the regular floor. It also makes it more comfortable for guests who don’t wish to dance to find an area out of the way to sit. Your wedding rental company can help you select the right size for your floor based on your venue and the number of guests you’re having.

    Serving Tools

    Whether you’re having a sit-down meal, buffet, or serving stations, you will need service accessories. Talk to your caterer about what they will provide and is necessary for you to have on hand. You may also wish to rent upgraded utensils, such as silver serving platters or crystal table accessories. Don’t forget to add any specialty items you may need, such as coffee accessories, chafing dishes, and wine buckets.

  • Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Colors

    Your wedding ceremony should follow some sort of overall theme, which means your wedding rentals in should all match. Before you order your glassware and serving platters, pick a few colors that you’d like to use as the foundation of your wedding design . Think about the venue and the physical location of the reception and consider orienting your wedding colors towards the natural landscape. You can also simply choose to work with your favorite colors, since it’s your big day and it should be just how you’ve always pictured it. Here are some things to consider when choosing your wedding colors.

    Think About the Setting

    Weddings are expensive, but wedding rentals can help you save a significant amount of money. When you’re deciding which wedding rentals you want for your big day, color will be an important factor to think about. Your wedding can look however you want it to, but it’s a good idea to think about what the location itself looks like. Look at the scenery and the landscaping, and determine what colors will best complement the surroundings. An outdoor summer wedding and an indoor winter wedding might incorporate completely different colors, so keep this in mind when looking for your wedding rentals.

    Go with Your Favorites

    Your whole wedding theme should represent a combination of your and your partner’s personalities. If you’re not so concerned with where and when the event is being held in terms of the colors you choose, then you can always go with each of your favorite colors for your signature wedding colors. Even if you and your fiancé have completely different favorite colors, with the right accents you can incorporate both.

    Break the Rules

    At the end of the day, your wedding should go the way you want it to. Looking at the latest trends can give you some ideas and inspiration, but the only wedding decoration rules you must follow are the ones that you set for yourself. You might want two main colors in your design scheme, or you might want different color schemes in each room.

  • What Should I Serve at My Wedding?

    If you’re planning your wedding, then you’ll want to come up with a fantastic menu for the reception. Along with the right wedding rentals in Washington, D.C., you’ll want to select delicious food and drinks that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

    You can start planning your wedding menu with help from this video. Think about what your guests like to eat as well as what you and your spouse-to-be enjoy the most. Make sure to fill your table rentals with a variety of foods so everyone is sure to find something they’ll enjoy. Don’t forget about rental equipment such as flatware and glassware!

  • Perfect Stemware for Every Event

    Are you planning a special event? If so, you can make the most of it by selecting the right party rentals in Annapolis . Your event can seem simple and the venue can seem plain if you don’t have the right items like tables, chairs, and serving platters—but it doesn’t make sense to buy items that you will likely only use once. Luckily, party rentals allow you to make your event look and feel glamorous without having to spend a fortune.

    One type of rental equipment that can enhance your event is stemware. Different glassware is appropriate for different events, so it’s important to figure out what is right for your event. If you’re hosting a more formal event, you can choose wine glasses and champagne flutes. If your event will be on the more casual side, tumblers and beer glasses might be better choices. Decide on the types of drinks you plan to serve so you know what types of glasses you’ll need.

    Stemware for the Event

  • Should I Choose a Band or a DJ for My Wedding?

    You’ve picked your bridal party and have chosen your wedding rental equipment in Annapolis—now it’s time to choose your music! You and your guests should be able to let loose and have a great time during your reception, which is why it’s important to select the right music for this event. The following tips can help you decide if you should choose a band or DJ for your wedding.

    Pick your first dance song.

    When you and your new spouse share your first dance, you’ll want the perfect song to be playing in the background. Even after choosing your song, you’ll have to decide if you want a band to perform it or a DJ to play it. A band is the right choice if you want a personal touch added to this song, while a DJ is the better choice if you want a specific rendition of the song to be played.

    Think about what will get people on the dance floor.

    Just like other party rentals like table linens and glassware, dance floor rentals are essential for unforgettable wedding receptions. The wedding reception is where you and your guests get to celebrate, and dancing is certainly a great way to celebrate! What type of music will get your guests off their seats and on their feet on the dance floor? If your friends and family all have similar taste in tunes, then a band can be a great choice. If your loved ones are interested in different music genres, then a DJ might be the more appropriate choice.

    Consider extra entertainment value.

    Bands and DJs don’t just play music—they also provide entertainment. Guests probably won’t want to dance when they’re eating and chatting with each other, which is why it’s important to make sure your musical choice will be able to provide light background music or other types of entertainment. A band can give your reception a concert-like feeling. A DJ might also offer to host games and let guests play with props, providing extra entertainment.

  • Foolproof Wine Pairings

    When you are planning your upcoming wedding, you will need to make sure that you have the perfect wines to celebrate your big day. By offering a few different varieties of wine, it will be possible to ensure that your drinks pair perfectly with each item on your catering menu. For example, if you will be serving fish at your wedding reception, consider pairing your dinner with a light white wine. Heartier meats, such as pork or beef, pair nicely with bold red wines. No matter what type of wine you intend to serve at your wedding, a company that offers party rentals serving Baltimore can provide you with the correct glassware.

    After you have picked out wine pairings for your wedding dinner, you will be ready to pick out glassware from your party rental company. Along with table linens and other items, wedding rental companies also offer elegant glassware that will complement the flavor and bouquet of your white, red, and sparkling wines.

    wine - glass

  • Attending a Wedding? Know These Do’s and Don’ts

    There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to attending a wedding. For example, you should turn your cellphone off during the ceremony, and you should not arrive late. You must also be respectful of the venue’s rental equipment , china, and other wedding rentals in Annapolis. These are examples of common courtesy that many people may forget. Read on to learn more dos and don’ts that can help you navigate the next wedding you attend and ensure you still have a good time. Do's & Don'ts for a Wedding

    Do adhere to the dress code.

    It is rude and inappropriate to show up to a formal wedding in jeans, shorts, or overly revealing outfits. Alternatively, it can be embarrassing to show up to a casual event in formal wear. Examine the invitation and the venue to help guide your outfit choices. When in doubt, ask the bride or groom well ahead of the ceremony.

    Don’t assume you have a plus one.

    If you received a wedding invitation addressed only to you, then you must not assume that you can bring a guest. You can ask the wedding couple if you might bring your guest. However, be aware that they may have a limited number of seats at the venue or budgetary restrictions that are keeping the guest list tight.

    Do sign the guest book.

    The guest book is an important memento for the wedding couple, and it helps them remember everyone who shared in their special day. You will likely see the guest book on a table rental toward the entrance to the venue. If you cannot find it, then ask a member of the wedding party where to go. Your involvement will be much appreciated by the happy couple.

    Don’t take advantage of the bar.

    Many weddings have an open bar, so guests can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks without payment. This is very generous of the bridal couple, but it should not be abused. You may end up being the center of attention in an embarrassing way. Keep your alcoholic drinks to a minimum, and thank the couple for their generosity.

  • Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Cocktail Bar Area

    There are countless ways to decorate your cocktail bar area. Consider your wedding or event theme before choosing your rental equipment, because you may find some new ideas for your party rentals. For example, a regular wooden table rental in Annapolis can be spruced up with the addition of sand or table linens. You can create the perfect cocktail decorations using a variety of rentals available to you. Read on for some fun ideas to decorate your cocktail bar area. Ideas to decorate cocktail bar area


    If your wedding or event has a rustic or country theme, then decorate your cocktail bar with wooden barrels, wagon wheels, and wooden fixtures. Rustic elegance is a popular party theme right now, and it can be easily accomplished with a few simple party rentals. For example, large barrels and repurposed wooden centerpieces will give your rustic cocktail hour the added flair it needs.


    Whether your wedding is on the beach or hundreds of miles away from the beach, you can bring the sand and waves to you. Set up a repurposed wooden shelf or table, and lay down heaps of white sand on the surface. Place seashells, starfish, and netting around the table for more beach vibes. Display signature cocktails and beers nestled in the sand with a cocktail umbrella shading them.


    Create an elegant and formal affair with a banquet décor around your cocktail bar. Drape fine table linens across the table. Set up tealight candles or candelabras on the table and around the bar area to create a soft glow and warm feeling. Place tall centerpieces on either side of the bar to properly frame it, and place large trees or drapes behind the bar for a more elegant look.


    Speakeasies are making a comeback in the bar scene, so why not include it in your wedding or special event? Your table and chair rentals should come in dark colors with cushioned seats. Choose dark woods for your bar table, and set up ferns to frame the bar.

  • The Benefits of Renting Supplies for Your Celebration

    There are several benefits that come with renting party supplies in Washington, D.C. Renting your supplies will give you greater variety and greater peace of mind, whether you are throwing a corporate event, anniversary party, or a wedding. Here is a better look at the benefits you can expect from renting party supplies:

    • You will have access to more party rentals. You can choose between several china patterns and table linen designs. This will give you a better chance of creating a cohesive and attractive party theme.
    • You will not have to worry about cleanup duties after the party. Many rental companies only require china and flatware to be rinsed and placed back in their containers. This takes a lot of stress and time off your hands, so you can focus on having fun with your guests.
    • Renting supplies is more cost-effective than purchasing items. There is no reason to purchase dozens of chairs, tables, and dishware that will only be used once. It is also damaging to the environment if you purchase one-time-use plastic items.

    party - rentals

  • Beautiful Ideas for Summer Wedding Cakes

    Wedding cakes and desserts are becoming more beautiful and more inventive every day. You can commission a hand-painted cake or display a variety of mixed desserts on your table rentals near Annapolis. Ensure that your wedding cake—like your party rentals, table linens, and rented china—represent you and your significant other by taking an active hand in its creation. Speak with your cake designer, party rental specialist, and wedding coordinator about the best ways to feature beautiful summer ideas for your summer wedding. Get started by reading about different summer wedding cakes below. Ideas for Summer Wedding Cakes

    Summer Paintings

    Painted wedding cakes are the rage right now because they are hand-crafted pieces of art that can subtly represent you and your significant other. You can have your favorite summer flowers or your favorite summer vacation spot painted on the sides of the cake. Speak with your cake designer to determine how simple or intricate your cake painting can be.

    Modern Shapes

    Geometric shapes are another popular wedding feature. This idea is especially good if you or your significant other likes math, engineering, or architecture. Your cake designer can decorate each shape with patterns of your wedding colors. If you do not like geometric shapes, then consider modern lines that are sleek and clean. Continue this idea across your wedding decorations to create a cohesive theme.

    Mixed Desserts

    There are no rules that say you must serve a wedding cake at your wedding. In fact, many people do not like the traditional wedding cake. Serve a variety of desserts to please all of your guests. You can use different-sized serving platters to create an engaging and interesting-looking dessert table. Consider serving a small wedding cake, chocolate-covered fruit, and candies for a nice variety of sweets that your guests will love.

    Bundt Cakes

    Bundt cakes are another welcome change from traditional wedding cakes. You can serve different flavors and display them in flattering patterns around your dessert table. You can also decorate your Bundt cakes to match your wedding colors and the colors of summer.