How to Host a Harvest Party

Hosting a harvest party is a great way to kick off the start of the fall and winter seasons. With the right party rentals, themed decorations, and a great love of fall colors, your next harvest party will be a huge success. If you are looking for some simple ideas and ways to host a harvest party, continue reading for a look at the right decorations and rental equipment near Washington, D.C.

  • Design festive-looking invitations. Harvest party invites will usually feature leaves with various colors of gold, green, and red. Specify on the invitation if you would like guests to dress a certain way or bring certain foods.
  • Consider renting colored table linens, china, and serving platters to match your harvest decorations. These beautiful party rentals will create a cohesive look that will have your guests pleased they joined your harvest party.
  • Decorate your party venue in rich fall colors. Sprinkle dried leaves, cranberries, and green sprigs as decorations or centerpieces. To complete your harvest party, design a large cornucopia for your serving platters and food to center around.

Simple Ideas for Harvest Party at Rentals to Remember