How to Choose Colors for Your Wedding

Picking out colors for your wedding should be one of the easiest decisions to make, along with china and flatware in Baltimore . As long as you remain open to different possibilities, such as the colors your party rentals come in, then you should have no problem picking the perfect wedding colors. wedding - decor

Pair Your Favorites

The easiest way to begin choosing your wedding colors is to look at your and your fiancé’s favorite colors. In some cases, your favorite colors may not pair very well; for example, silver and yellow would not complement each other in a color scheme. However, you can always look at second favorite colors, or you can consider using different shades of your favorites that might complement each other better—gray and golden yellow, for instance. Be creative, do your research with different colors, and you will eventually find the right ones.

Look at the Season

There are certain colors associated with specific seasons—blue and silver for winter, orange and red for fall, etc. If you have already matched up your favorite colors, then you will now want to look to the season in which you are marrying. Some colors are much more popular during particular seasons. This can help you when choosing decorations and bridesmaid dresses. However, it may also be a hindrance when picking your party rentals. Certain colors are very popular during their respective seasons, so book your colored table linens and china soon after picking your colors.

Consider Colored Accents and Flowers

With modern dyeing practices, you can have almost any silk flower dyed in a variety of colors. When it comes to fresh flowers, though, you may have to compromise. Determine what is most important to you: your favorite colors or your favorite flowers and decorations. If you absolutely must have specific flowers, like orchids or stargazer lilies, in your bouquet or centerpieces, then see if they come in complementary colors to those that you have chosen for the wedding.