Party Planner Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Event

The most successful events feature a relaxed, outgoing host or hostess, yet planning an event can be anything but relaxing. To ensure that you will enjoy your event as much as your guests, it’s essential to be prepared. Keep yourself calm and organized with checklists of things you need to do and items you need to assemble. Remember to check with a party rental company serving Annapolis as far in advance as possible to ensure you can reserve the party rental supplies you want. Tips to Host Stress-Free Event

Begin Planning Early

As a busy host, early planning is essential for minimizing your party-related stress. If possible, choose a date that is at least a few months away from the date you begin planning. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll likely want a year or longer to plan. When you begin planning, create a timeline of when you should have certain steps accomplished. For example, choose a deadline for finalizing your party rental arrangements and mark off a day on your calendar to send out the invitations. If you plan to invite guests who must make travel arrangements to arrive at your event, then you should send out save the date cards about six to nine months before the date. Several months before the event, you should follow these cards with a formal invitation that contains the details. On the other hand, if you’re planning a holiday celebration, fundraiser, or corporate gala, a notice of a couple of months should be sufficient.

Keep Organized Records

Losing the guest list, seating chart, or party rental agreement will only add to your stress. Prevent these problems by keeping all of your to-do lists, notes, and other documents in one folder or binder. If you wish to be especially well-organized, you can separate the documents in your folder into two sections: One with finalized arrangements and the other with to-do items.

Select Party Rental Items

From dining sets to décor and serving platters to candelabras, you run the risk of going over budget if you try to purchase these items outright. It’s financially prudent and beneficial for your stress levels to contact a party rental company for everything your event will need.