Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

One of the first steps during wedding planning is finding the perfect wedding venue. Then, you have to start renting various items to complement your venue in the most beautiful way. If you need some help choosing your wedding venue and party rentals in Annapolis, continue reading for a few tips to help you plan the big day. Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Think About Your Style

When you start looking at wedding venues, you should always remember your style as a couple. Are you laidback in jeans, or do you prefer something more elegant in a tuxedo? Figuring out your couple style will help you as you look through countless pictures of wedding venues and party rentals. You can narrow down a lot of places just by knowing where you two will feel the most comfortable.

Determine Your Budget

As you look up various venues based on your style, you need to keep your budget in mind. That will be a huge factor in determining where you get married and have the reception. If you find a venue you and your fiancé adore, but it is out of your budget, don’t fret just yet. Speak with the venue manager and see if there are some ways to lower the price. You may need to cut the guest list, or make the reception a cocktail hour, but there are almost always ways to make your dream venue a reality. Hosting your event on a weekday instead of a Saturday or Sunday might also drive down the cost of the venue.

Consider Your Guests

Many couples choose a venue simply based on guest limit. If they need a large venue to accommodate their guests, then their options may be limited. Figure out how many guests you think will come, and keep this number in mind as you research venues and wedding rentals, including chairs and china.

Remember the Weather

Depending on the time of year you choose to marry, you may need to find a venue that has indoor accommodations available. Or, you may consider renting tents or umbrellas if you anticipate hot or rainy weather. No matter where you choose to marry, keep these few tips in mind and have fun planning!