Add Elegance to Your Evening Events with Candelabras

If you’re planning an evening wedding reception or another late-day special occasion, consider renting silver candelabras. Candelabras  rented in Baltimore will add a touch of upscale elegance to every event and set the perfect mood for an intimate or large gathering. Silver candelabras make ideal centerpieces. If you intend on renting long tables, choose two or three candelabras for each table.

You may be surprised at the many different style choices available when you decorate with candelabras. It’s customary to use candelabras to hold long, tapered candles, but you could also choose LED tea lights if you’re concerned about the candles burning out before your event is over. Another advantage of using flameless tea lights is that they allow you to place elegant greenery or floral arrangements in the candelabra without fear of spreading the flames. Flameless tea lights are particularly ideal if your evening event will welcome guests of all ages.

Candelabras for Evening Events