Creating a Seating Chart for Your Wedding Reception

Part of planning your wedding reception means you have to merge the two families and friends through a seating chart. There are many resources to help with this task, including your party rental company. Your rental company can help with renting china, chairs, and table rentals near Baltimore , so be sure to ask for advice when you need it. Create Your Seating Chart at Rentals to Remember

Make the Chart Simple

This is your wedding, and you already have a multitude of other concerns running through your head. There is no point in stressing over a seating chart when many of your guests will not stay in their seats throughout the reception. If you have a lot of mixed groups or a large venue, it is helpful to have a simple seating chart, but do not go out of your way to make sure certain guests sit next to or stay away from other guests. They won’t be sitting in their seats for much longer than the dinner and toasts, so there is no need to take a long time planning the seating chart.

Think About the Table Space

When planning out your seating chart, you need to know the amount of table and chair rentals that your venue will hold. You also need the size and shape of the tables to help determine the seating chart. Table rentals, whether they are circular or rectangular, can typically hold six to twelve chairs. Depending on the number of guests you have and the size of the venue, you will have to determine how many guests can sit comfortably at one table. Speak with your rental company and your venue for advice on seating space.

Assign Tables, Not Seats

There is little need to assign specific seats for your guests. Instead, assign a group of guests to a table number and they can figure out where to sit at the table. The only time you may consider assigning seats is when your guests have dietary restrictions or each guest has ordered from a predetermined menu.