FAQs About Planning a Post-Wedding Brunch

Wedding Brunch by Rentals to Remember

When you wake up the day after your wedding, there is plenty you can still do before you must return your wedding rentals in Annapolis . You can put your China to good use once again by throwing a post-wedding brunch. It doesn’t need to be a mandatory part of the festivities, and it doesn’t even need to be formal. You can open your brunch to anyone who wants to join, but there’s usually no need to make separate invitations for the event. Read on for the answers to some FAQs about planning a post-wedding brunch.

Should it be an essential part of the celebrations?

People often wake up tired the day after a wedding, especially if the celebrations ran late into the night. If you made the most of your dance floor rental and you’re slow to wake up in the morning, a post-wedding brunch may be just what you’re looking for. Some people might have come from far away to attend your wedding and be part of your big day, so they might want to leave early on the morning to beat the traffic back home. Welcome everyone to the post-wedding brunch, but don’t guilt anyone into staying if they want to hit the road back home.

How formal should the brunch be?

If you want to keep the party going throughout the morning, then encourage people to stay nice and dressy for the post-wedding brunch. However, you should keep in mind that everyone might have had a long night and end up lacking the energy for more festivities in the morning. Don’t put too much emphasis on the dress code for your post-wedding brunch, and just let people enjoy themselves and talk about the night before.

Do I need to make separate invitations?

You probably won’t need any extra chair rentals or table linens for the brunch that comes after your wedding, so there’s really no reason to make separate invitations for the post-wedding brunch bash. Since it shouldn’t be mandatory anyway, you can just let the remaining guests know about it and leave it up to them.