What Type of Wedding Reception Is Right for You?

Getting ready to tie the knot involves many decisions and plenty of planning, and one choice you’ll encounter is that of the reception type. If you’re in the process of organizing your wedding rentals in Baltimore, then read on to learn about some of your reception options. Types of Wedding Reception

Champagne and Cake

If you’re not looking forward to mingling and dealing with crowds after your wedding, then you should consider arranging for a champagne and cake reception. These events are inexpensive and short-lived, allowing just enough time for enjoying the dessert and sharing a few toasts.


Are you having an early morning wedding? If so, then a brunch reception could be the right option for you. These receptions allow newlyweds to get an earlier start on their honeymoon travels. Also, they can be less expensive than other events because you won’t need rental equipment for things like glassware and table linens, plus people tend to drink less alcohol at this hour. However, do consider including mimosas and Bellinis in your menu options.


If formal and classic describe the theme of your wedding, then a traditional dinner reception could be the best type of reception for your needs. While sit-down dinners tend to be the most expensive type of reception, they do boast elegance and let your guests know that you went all-out for the occasion.


If you want to provide your guests with dinner but are working within a tighter budget than a sit-down meal will allow, then consider renting equipment for a buffet-style reception. This option can cost significantly less since it requires fewer servers, and it can also provide your guests with a broader range of choices.


If you want a relaxed and party-like atmosphere after the wedding ceremony, then consider hosting a cocktail reception. These events tend to feel less formal than a sit-down dinner, but can still be stylish and elegant. This type of reception works well for small venues, is great for encouraging mingling, and tend to run shorter than other reception options.